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Getting Your Security Deposit Back

It's challenging enough finding a place to rent when you're a tenant. Factor in all the crazy stories you hear about bad landlords, scams, and poor maintenance, and it's enough to make you run for cover! Luckily, there are steps you can take to ensure you are renting a quality place with quality management.

Properties that are run by a management company are controlled by professional staff. This means instead of dealing directly with a landlord, you are able to communicate with someone skilled in taking care of you, the tenant. Not only does this mean maintenance, security, payment, and complaints are handled with care, it also means you can be more likely to receive your security deposit back!

When you move in, a property manager will walk through the property with you, making note of any damages or repairs. You should also take notes and photos for your own records in the first few days, as some issues may not be noticed in the initial walk-through. When it comes time to move out, these photos and notes taken by both parties can be used to determine if any additional damage has been done and how much of your security deposit is needed to repair it. Seems simple and straightforward, but some use this as a way to scam you out of your deposit. Some will try to speed through the walk-through inspections, both move -in and move-out, then claim any and all damage was done by you, retaining your entire deposit to fix the problems. There is little you can do to fight this unless you took detailed notes and have dated photos of the damage as proof.

Legally, a security deposit should be returned to you with any deductions presented as an itemized list. Property management companies tend to be more hones, thorough, and straightforward when it comes to property inspections, meaning you are more likely to receive the return deposit rightfully due you!

When searching for your next rental property, consider the pros of renting one managed by a reputable property management company. It can save you time, stress, and money in the long run!

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